Questions Employees Ask

If your employer has already retained our services, or, if they are considering it, you might have questions about what we do, how it might affect your position in the company and the security of your job. We understand that. So, to help you understand and to put your mind at ease, we have put together a few questions that we are asked by employees and our answers to those questions. We want you to feel comfortable with us and to be pleased that your employer is investing time and money to make the company more valuable. Employees who work for a company that is growing in value tend to earn more, enjoy coming to work more, and understand that they are an important part of that growing enterprise.

Tell me in plain English what does Business Wealth Solutions do (BWS)?

We help business owners: 1) increase the value of their company by making it more profitable; 2) create a better work environment for themselves and for their employees; 3) create more job security for their employees; and 4) help them make long range plans for the business to continue even if they eventually reduce their work hours or retire.

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How do I benefit if my company hires Business Wealth Solutions?

Hiring BWS means that your owner wants to grow the company. That means more opportunities for you as a valued employee. A valued employee wants to learn more, make more, achieve more, and make a contribution as a member of the team. We work with companies that want to expand and provide more opportunities for the owners and employees. If your company has hired us that means that your employer wants to invest in the company and in you. As a valued employee, you will benefit from that investment.

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I notice that my employer is working less and less.  What does that mean?

Most business owners had a reason for going into business for themselves in the first place. Some wanted to control their time and income so they could enjoy outside interests such as family, hobbies, charities, and travel. But they got caught up in the business and worked more and not less than they had originally anticipated. When the business reaches the point where they no longer need to work long hours with few vacations, they turn their attention to doing what they always wanted to do. It’s usually a sign of a healthy company when the owner can take time off. A healthier company means more job security for you.

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What would happen to the company if my employer could not work?

That’s a good question that every employee should ask. If your employer is working with BWS, we are already addressing that question. Our goal is to have a plan in place in the event your employer could not work because of death, disability or for any reason. Typically we work with your employer to devise a practical plan for the business to continue and to thrive, so that your job is secure. That plan would name someone who is qualified to immediately take over the running of the company.

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Does BWS sell companies? 


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Why do I see references on your website to “selling” companies if you don’t sell?

When we help a company grow, it is not uncommon for outside third parties to show up unsolicited. They have an amazing amount of information available to them in the various databases. When a company is growing, it sometimes attracts outside third parties that are looking for opportunities to invest cash in promising or performing companies. If your company is prepared, it can mean more opportunities for all concerned.

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