Why It's Important

  • Are you doing everything possible to make your company as valuable as it can be – now and in the future?
  • Are you prepared to leave your business tomorrow? If you did, could you realize your personal goals for the next chapter in life?
  • Are your daily business practices aligned with your long-range goals?

Turn your biggest asset into liquid wealth

On average, 90 to 93% of a business owner’s investable net worth is tied up in his or her business. Doesn’t it make sense to treat this wealth with the same care as your other investments?

By growing the value of your business now, you’ll reap maximum rewards if and when you’re ready to make a move. Whether you’re looking to increase your company’s value or transition ownership, we can lead the way. Business Wealth Solutions specializes in:

  • Growing business profitability and value: From investment in new technologies to a reorganization of talent, there are endless ways to grow the bottom line and increase the value of a business. We’ll work with you and your advisors to analyze and optimize every aspect of your business, with a goal of reaching its peak value.
  • Planning business transition and wealth transfer: We develop and integrate your personal and business plans to ensure a successful transition when you’re ready to move into your next phase of life. If you’re considering an ownership transition, our experts will help you determine and implement the smartest strategy for you and your business.

Business Wealth Solutions can help you achieve:

  • Greater personal net worth
  • Reduced taxes
  • A successful business legacy
  • Happy, productive employees
  • Loyal and committed key people
  • Control over the timing and success of your transition

Immediate Improvement. Lasting Results.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals tell us that proper exit planning can increase the value of a business by 20 to 30%. Doing so also increases the chance of selling your business from 30 or 50% (industry standard) to as high as 95%. For every dollar spent to improve a business, sellers could see a return of $3 to $6. Identifying and making these changes can take as long as two years or more, so it’s critical to start early.

How Can We Help?

From financial planning to transitioning ownership, see how Business Wealth Solutions goes to work for you. Using tried and true methods, we take a comprehensive approach to ensure your success.

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