How It Works

Our unique, proven process:


A full-circle approach or step-by-step: it’s your call ... For an explanation of the graphic click here.
Our comprehensive process can be “unbundled” to best meet your needs and your budget. We can rapidly deploy to tackle your most pressing business issues.

Business Wealth Solutions helps entrepreneurs grow and harvest wealth. We do it by maximizing the value of your business and creating a sound strategy for transition, whether it’s one year or one decade away. Our services are much more than an exit plan. We give you a roadmap for realizing your personal and entrepreneurial dreams. We transform your business into liquid wealth for the next life adventure that awaits. Our unique process examines and integrates your personal planning with your business planning, creating a seamless strategy to turn your dreams into reality.

Growing the value of your business – and the personal wealth you have invested in it – is where Business Wealth Solutions excels. We take an objective, holistic approach to your exit planning strategy based uniquely on your goals. We start by understanding your personal goals and the role your business wealth plays in helping you achieve them. If there is a gap, we’ll help close it.

We can help:

  • Maximize company value and minimize taxes
  • Design an estate plan to reduce tax and protect your family
  • Ensure ample cash flow to support your future lifestyle
  • Establish and fund a business continuation plan
  • Keep the business in the family or transfer to employees
  • Share wealth with your favorite cause
  • Leave the business suddenly, gradually, partially or completely

Immediate Improvements.
Lasting Results

Don't just take our word for it -check out what our clients have to say , or read case studies of how we've made an impact for entrepreneurs in transition.

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