So You Think You’re Ready To Sell

Aug 28, 2013

Join the crowd. Over 60% of all privately held businesses are owned by baby boomers. So, there’s a real possibility that most of you want to slow down, work on your own terms, or bolt for the door as soon as possible. But here’s the thing. While you might be ready, your business might not be. What does that mean?

Based on Empirical data from national research from “Pepperdine Private Capital Markets”, nearly 40% of all businesses with 5m to $100m in annual revenues that reach a transaction fail. The other 60% deal with involve concessions (earn outs, value discounting, etc.) What’s worse, in the below $5m revenue market, the failure rate is as high as 80% ... read more


Joan M. Ridley, CBA, CEPA, CFP™

Joan RidleyPresident of Business Wealth Solutions, a business consulting firm.

"We have identified numerous opportunities to protect and maximize corporate wealth both now and in preparation for ownership transition. In this economy, human and intangible capital are major corporate assets. Absent proper planning, business owners could leave dollars on the table, and face the risk of actually losing their unprotected assets and hard-earned wealth."

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