So What’s in Your Exit Plan

Sep 10, 2014

You're about to enter into the transaction of a lifetime. If you're like most business owners, almost all of your investible net worth is locked up in your business. You're playing for keeps. The financial security and comfort of your family depends on exiting right. Preparation is everything. Gather all the facts before making a move.

The success or failure of your exit depends on how well you prepare, and, the quality of your exit planning team. And when we talk about “exit plan” we really mean the plan itself, and, the exit planning process. The exit plan itself includes review of, and, recommendations, based on the sum total of all the data that needs to be gathered before you decide on and commit to your exit strategy. It's the data gathering that we're focusing on in this article.  Read more ...


Joan M. Ridley, CBA, CEPA, CFP™

Joan RidleyPresident of Business Wealth Solutions, a business consulting firm.

"We have identified numerous opportunities to protect and maximize corporate wealth both now and in preparation for ownership transition. In this economy, human and intangible capital are major corporate assets. Absent proper planning, business owners could leave dollars on the table, and face the risk of actually losing their unprotected assets and hard-earned wealth."

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